Prov. 31:10-31


A woman that fears the Lord, is unselfish, and is dedicated to her husband and children, is not easily found in this old sin-cursed world.

It is hard to find a woman who has a tender heart, gentle hands, kind voice, and does not live for self and the world.

The godly wife and compassionate mother whose one desire is to see to it that the needs of her family are met is truly a gift of God.

Here in our text, we see what kind of wife a woman should make and what kind of wife the man should choose.


A. The virtuous woman is a woman of STRENGTH.

1. Though she is the weaker vessel, she is made strong by wisdom and grace, and the fear of the Lord.

2. The virtuous woman has command of her own spirit, loves the Lord, and gives of herself in order that others might benefit.

B. The virtuous woman is a woman of CHARACTER.

1. Her worth far exceeds that of the lazy, whorish woman who is concerned only with self gratification.

a. Israel is described as a weak, arrogant, whorish woman, because she had turned from the living and true God to serve the idol gods of the heathen nations around her. Ezek. 16:30.

b. The whore, in seeking self-gratification, actually destroys herself and those around her.

c. Young men are warned many times in the Scripture to avoid the whorish woman. Prov. 23:26-28.

2. The virtuous woman will not be deterred from serving her Lord and her family.

C. It is hard to find a virtuous woman.

1. The beauty of this woman is found in her heart and not necessarily in the outward appearance.

2. A young lady can be beautiful, wealthy, educated and popular and not possess the characteristics of a virtuous woman.

D. The value of the virtuous woman is very great.

1. Rich ornaments do not give value to vain woman.

2. Rare jewels are of great value, and a good wife is to be valued very highly.

- 'Her price is far above rubies'

3. The man that has a virtuous wife ought to show his appreciation by being thankful to God, and by treating her with kindness and respect.


- Godly women are more concerned with their inward character than they are with their outward adornment. I Tim. 2:9-10.

- Godly women fear the Lord, dress modestly, speak courteously, and are in subjection to their own husbands. I Pet. 3:1-6.

A. She is very industrious. Prov. 31:11-13.

1. She is not lazy.

2. She seeks to please her husband. I Cor 7:34.

a. The virtuous woman conducts herself in such a way as to gain her husband'l respect.

b. She seeks to keep him content.

c. She takes every opportunity to show her love for him.

d. She would never do anything that would hurt his person or damage his reputation.

3. Her faithfulness has a direct part in her husband'l testimony.
Prov. 31:23.

B. This godly woman is very prudent in managing her budget.
v. 14.

1. She applies her wisdom in providing for her family.

2. She considers the advantages of things before purchasing them.

3. She considers whether they can be afforded. v. 16.

C. This godly woman takes care of her family.

1. She rises early and makes sure that the needs of her family are taken care of. v. 15.

2. She refuses to sit idle and do nothing. v. 27.

- She doesn'T party all night and sleep till noon.

3. She is very conscientious and dedicated in serving her family.
vv. 17-19.

a. A virtuous woman loves her duties more than her ease or her pleasure.

b. She finds more true satisfaction in seeking to provide for her household than in seeking to please herself.


A. The law of love and kindness is written in her heart. v. 26.

B. She is a great blessing to her family.

1. Her children are eager to speak well of her. v. 28a.

- They praise her and are thankful to God for giving them such a good mother.

2. Her husband is proud of her and speaks well of her. v. 28b.

C. She fears the Lord and is blessed. vv. 29-31.

1. She loves the Lord.

2. She seeks to please the Lord by her faithful service to Him.

3. The fear of the Lord will bring eternal rewards.

a. The fear of the Lord is the beauty of the soul.

b. The fear of the Lord will outlast death itself.


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