II Pet. 3:1-18

Text v. 11

How do these various prophetic truths, that we have been discussing, affect our lives?

We have considered God’s prophetical plan beginning in the day in which we now live through the eternal state of the saved and the unsaved.

Topics that we have discussed are:

1. The perilous times.

2. The rapture.

3. The Tribulation period.

4. The battle of Armageddon.

5. The millennial reign of Christ.

6. The battle of Gog and Megog.

7. The final judgment.

8. The eternal state of the saved and the unsaved.

- These truths should have great influence on the way we live our daily lives.


A. It will build into the believer’s life strong and sturdy convictions.

- A solid Biblical knowledge of God’s plans and purposes for the future will give us stability of life and conviction of heart.

B. We are commanded to study the Scriptures. II Tim. 2:15; 3:16-17.

- No study of God’s Word is complete without an emphasis on prophetical truth.

C. God has promised a distinct blessing on the study of prophecy.
Rev. 1:3; 22:7.

D. As God’s children, we are WATCHMEN. Ezek. 33:7-9.

1. We can’t warn of impending danger if we aren’t familiar with the enemy and his tactics.

2. We must know what God’s plan is.

3. We have the Holy Spirit to instruct us in the study of the Word of God.

E. We find comfort in the fact that our Lord is coming back.
I Thess. 4:16-18.

1. This will bring comfort when a loved one dies.

a. It gives confidence that all is not lost.

b. It removes the heaviness of heart and implants a confidence that is steadfast and quiet.

c. The sting of sorrow is removed by the comforting knowledge of the future.

2. Knowing that our Lord is coming back brings comfort to weary and burdened hearts.

a. The Lord comforted His disciples with the promise of His coming. Jn. 14:1-3.

b. This was also emphasized in Acts 1:11.

3. The child of God needs a reassuring message today.

- The doctrine of the Lord’s coming is that “blessed hope(Tit. 2:13).


A. We are to live holy lives. II Pet. 3:10-14.

- This has to do with our attitude and our walk.

B. We are to serve the Lord with His coming in mind.

1. The Lord said, “Occupy till I come(Lk. 19:13).

2. The apostle Paul encouraged the Christians at Ephesus to “Redeem the time(5:16).

a. We are to use every opportunity to do something for Christ.

b. We should do as much as possible while it is still day, for night cometh when no man can work.

C. As we study prophetic truth, we find HOPE, the promise of a REWARD, and a WARNING.

1. The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ is our “blessed hope

2. Every believer will be REWARDED for his faithful service to Christ.

a. The believer’s “works do follow them(Rev. 14:13).

b. There will be a special reward given for faithful service. II Tim. 4:8.

3. The Lord’s coming carries with it a definite WARNING signal.
II Pet. 1:19.

a. There is coming a day of reckoning for every individual in the world.

b. Our Lord does not tell us when He is coming, but He does use the fact of His coming to warn the wicked to flee from the wrath to come.

c. In that day, the wicked will stand without excuse.

Are you ready for Christ’s coming?