Rev. 20:1-10

Text vv. 7-10

As we have already noted, Satan and his host of demons will be imprisoned in the bottomless pit for the duration of the Millennium.  During this time the Lord Jesus Christ will rule with unopposed sovereignty.  Satan and his evil forces will not be permitted to interfere in the affairs of the kingdom in any way.

However, at the end of the Millennium, Satan is to “be loosed for a little season” (v. 3)  to lead a final rebellion of sinners against the Lord and His chosen people.

This lesson deals with the conclusion of the Kingdom Age, and the final damnation of Satan.



A. Satan will be bound by Christ at the beginning of the Kingdom. vv. 1-3.

1. He is bound up to prevent him from deceiving people during the Kingdom.

2. God’s plan is for him to stay bound for 1000 years.

B. Satan will be loosed after the Kingdom has been completed.

v. 7.

1. The Kingdom was intended to be for only 1000 years. vv. 4-6.

2. The loosing of Satan will be according to God’s plan. v. 3.

- This is not a matter of Satan thwarting God’s plan.

C. Satan will be loosed to deceive the nations again. v. 8.

1. He will deceive people over the entire earth.

2. The people who are deceived by Satan will be born during the Kingdom.

a. Scripture teaches that no unsaved people will enter the Kingdom.

b. So were does Satan get the people that make up his great army?

3. They will be born of people who were saved during the Tribulation and did not die during the Tribulation.

4. These people enter the Kingdom in their natural bodies, and have children during this time.

5. Even though they were redeemed, they still possessed a sinful human nature, and this sin nature is passed on to their offspring.

6. Each successive generation throughout the thousand years will be made up of sinners in need of salvation.

7. Many will trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

a. But in spite of the personal reign of Christ on the earth,

b. And in spite of the fact that this will be the most moral society that this world will ever know,

c. Many others will love their sin and reject Christ.

D. Satan will be loosed to gather an army of unsaved people to defeat God. v. 8.

1. This will be Satan’s final war with God.

2. Satan will gather his wicked forces from all over the globe.

3. This army will number into the millions.


A. This great army of millions will be led by Satan.

1. These enemies of the King of Kings are given the symbolic title Gog and Magog, naming them after the invasion force that will assault Israel during the Tribulation (Ezek. 38-39).

2. This term is used in this passage to describe the sinful rebels from all the nations who will gather together under the leadership of Satan for the final war in human history.

B. This great army will come against the saints of God and the city of Jerusalem in particular in an attempt to overthrow the Kingdom of Christ on the earth.

1. Jerusalem is the place where the throne of Christ will be during the Kingdom; thus Satan is attacking the center of the Kingdom.

2. The battle, which began in the Garden of Eden, will finally reach its end in this Great War.

C. God will send fire down out of heaven and destroy the entire army of Satan.

1. Satan’s forces will be physically killed.

2. And their souls will go into the realm of punishment, awaiting their final sentencing to eternal hell, which will take place after the Great White Throne Judgment. vv. 11-15.




A. The final abode of Satan is “the lake of fire and brimstone.”

B. Satan will join his cronies, the beast and the false prophet, who are still in the lake of fire.

1. They were cast into the lake of fire 1000 years earlier.

Rev. 19:20.

2. Apparently bodies will not be destroyed in the fires of Hell.

a. These two are men in human bodies.

b. They are cast in “alive” which means they will go in body, soul, and spirit.

c. This certainly destroys the false doctrine of annihilationism.

C. Satan, along with the antichrist and the false prophet will face eternal torment in Hell.

- They “shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever”(v. 10).

1. Hell is a place where men are tormented both mentally and physically forever.

2. Unsaved men go there at the very moment of their death.

Lk. 16:22-31.

- Their soul will go there and await the resurrection of their body.

3. Eventually all unsaved will be in Hell in body, soul, and spirit forever. Rev. 20:14-15.

a. Jesus taught that the punishment of the wicked is as eternal as the eternal life of the righteous. Mt. 25:41, 46.

b. The Lord also taught that Hell is a place of “unquenchable fire” (Mk. 9:43).

c. Hell is a place where the unsaved will suffer dreadful anguish and misery throughout eternity.

- “Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched”(Mk. 9:48).