Ps. 126:5-6

- Are people who have never heard the gospel lost?

- Can a person who has lived and died without hearing the gospel go to heaven?

- Why do the cults get so many converts?

- Whose duty is it to witness?

The duty to witness is the most important business in the world.

Evangelism did not begin with man; it originated with God and is empowered by God. 

However, God has chosen to use men in spreading the message of life.


A. He had a compelling concern for the souls of lost men and woman.

1. We see the priorities of the Savior in the “must of the Master.”

·         The must of submission Lk. 2:49

·         The must of commission Lk. 4:43

·         The must of assurance Lk. 13:31-33

·         The must of soul-winning Jn. 4:4

·         The must of compassion Jn. 9:4

·         The must of the cross Jn. 3:14

·         The must of election Jn. 10:16

2. Our Lord was predominately a witness, and a winner of souls.           Lk. 15:3-7

B. Jesus Christ made evangelism the supreme duty of those who follow Him.

1. This was the theme in His call to Peter and Andrew. Mt. 4:18-20

2. This was the commission Christ gave to the seventy who went out two by two. Lk. 10:1-12, 16-17

3. The apostles whom Christ called and commissioned were to go and sow the gospel seed. Mk. 16:15-16

These men followed the steps of the Master who said, “other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring…(Jn. 10:16).


A. There is joy in heaven over one soul that is brought to repentance. Lk. 15:3-7

B. We are to compel men, women, boys and girls to come to Christ. Lk. 14:16-24

1. Does Christ love souls any less today then He did when He was in His earthly ministry?

2. What means has Christ chosen to use to spread the gospel today?    Acts 1:8

- He has given us power in our witness.

C. The Lord will reward every believer according to his faithfulness.     I Cor. 3:7-8


A. The emphasis of the Great Commission is on the individual.

“Go ye…and preach the gospel to every creature(Mk. 16:15).

B. Most of the recorded conversions in the New Testament were won in personal conversation.

1. Andrew won his brother Peter. Jn. 1:40-42

2. Philip won the Ethiopian eunuch. Acts 8:26-39

3. The Lord opened Lydia’s heart as she heard the preaching of Paul. Acts 16:14-15

4. The Philippian jailor was saved as a result of Paul and Silas’ witness. Acts 16:25-34

C. The early church flourished by the efforts of personal evangelism.

1. As a result of Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost, 3,000 souls were saved and added to the first church there in Jerusalem. Acts 2:41

2. The Lord continued to add to this church, as the members were faithful in their labors together. Acts 2:42-47; 4:4

D. No born again Christian is excused from the solemn duty to be a witness.

1. Satan is sowing his evil seeds while many Christians never bother to witness.

2. The Lord has a special reward for those who witness.

a. He has saved us to be a witness to the unsaved. Prov. 11:30

b. Those that win sinners to Christ shall shine in His glorious kingdom. Dan. 12:2-3; Mt. 13:43

c. The conversion of sinners is one of the grounds of the believer’s hope.

- It is evidence that he is a faithful servant of God, and that he will be rewarded in heaven. I Thess. 2:19-20

Are you faithful in your witness for the Lord?