Acts 26:22-29


Here we have Paul’s testimony before King Agrippa.

1. Paul testifies of what he was before his conversion. vv. 9-11.

2. Paul speaks of his conversion and what God’s purpose was for his life. vv. 12-18. 

3 Paul testifies of what he is by the grace of God. vv. 19-23.

- Here Paul testifies of the saving grace of God.

- Here we see that the preaching of the “CROSS” is foolishness to the lost world. vv. 24-29.


There is no salvation outside of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, let’s consider THE TRAGEDY OF PARTIAL PERSUASION.  Text: v. 28.


·         Satan has been deceiving people about SIN ever since he deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden.

·         NOTICE:

A. The REALITY of sin.

1. Sin is damnation of the human race.

- Sin came into the world through the disobedience of Adam. Rom. 5:12.

2. As sin came through disobedience, so life comes through obedience. Rom. 5:19-20.

a. Sin and death came through Adam’s disobedience.

b. Salvation and life come through Christ’s obedience.

3. Sin is disobedience to the will of God.

a. Sin is missing the mark.

b. Sin is perversion of the truth of God.

c. Sin is lawlessness.

4. As sin reigned unto death, so the grace of Jesus Christ will reign unto eternal life. Rom. 5:21.

B. The CONSEQUENCE of sin.

1. Sin has its consequences in this life.

a. Sin results in filth, defilement, darkness, misery and eventually death.

b. Sin, when finished, brings forth death.

2. Sin has its consequences in the life to come.

a. Those that are lost in sin, and condemned by sin will spend eternity in hell if they die in their sin.

b. This is the “second death.”

- “The wages of sin is death…” (Rom. 6:23)

- The rich man that died in his sin ended up in hell.
Lk. 16:22-23.

- Those whose names are not found written in the “Book of Life” will be cast into the lake of fire (Rev. 20:11-15; 21:8).

- Those who die the “second death” die without hope.

C. The GUILT of sin.

1. It is difficult to see our own sin.

a. The Bible declares that “All have sinned.”

b. The Bible is a mirror to show us our sin.

c. It reveals the condition of our heart.

2. When God showed Isaiah how sinful he was, he cried, “Woe is me for I am undone…” (Isa. 6:5).

3. Sin is real—don’t be deceived.

- You are a sinner!

- If you have never been born again of the Spirit of God, you are a condemned sinner. Jn. 3:3-8.


·         There is an eternal destiny.

A. You must be persuaded that eternal hell is real, and that it is for the UNSAVED.

1. Those that refuse to come to Christ for salvation will be cast into the eternal fires of hell. Mt. 25:41.

2. Hell is a place of everlasting punishment. Mt. 25:46.

B. You must be persuaded that eternal heaven is for the SAVED.

“The lost shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life everlasting” (Mt. 25:46).

1. At death, you will either go to heaven or to hell—WHAT WILL IT BE?

2. It is not a question of if there is an eternity, but WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?

a. Where will your soul go after death?

b. What you do with Christ in this life will determine where you spend eternity.


·         You are committing a great error if you are partially persuaded about salvation.

A. You need to be persuaded about being saved.

1. The Bible declares “All under sin.”

2. God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son to die that those who believe in Him might have eternal life. Jn. 3:16.

3. There is no condemnation to those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ. Rom. 8:1.

B. There is only ONE WAY to be saved.

1. The world has its way.

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Prov. 16:25).

2. God has only ONE WAY OF SALVATION, and that is JESUS CHRIST! Jn. 14:6; Acts 4:12.

3. God’s way is the only way.

- It is not religion, not education, not good works, but you must confess your sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.
Acts 16:31.


·         You can be saved if you will only come and trust Christ.

·         There is an urgency about being saved.

·         The Bible says:

- “Now is the time.”

- “Boast not of tomorrow.”

- “Today is the day of salvation.”

·         To put off getting saved and living for the Lord is but to be “almost persuaded.”

·         To be “almost persuaded” is to be lost and destined for eternal death and hell.